About Tutorial Save

Tutorial Save is a website and video channel dedicated to sharing the knowledge of how to do the things I’ve learned along the way. I love teaching people and have benefitted immensely from the great howto guides that others have shared over the years so I decided to do it myself.

For each howto on the site I try to include a video or some images to make it easier for you to learn. I spend a lot of time working on all of this and I appreciate donations because that helps me continue learning which means I can continue teaching.

I was inspired to create some of the earliest posts here because I love music and appreciate all of the tabs and lyrics that are out there online. That’s where the videos really shine, in music. It can be a painstaking job learning and then listing out the tab, performing the songs… possibly several times to get it right, editing, uploading, writing a post… but I think it’s worth it if others can enjoy what I’ve discovered. Music is great, share it with the world and listen to others.

So whatever it is you came here to do, good luck! Enjoy yourself and consider passing this site along to a friend, adding it to your favorites list or linking to it. I’ve always been something of a jack of all trades but at least here I get to be a webmaster of something and I’m happy to pay it forward.

Special thanks to WordPress, the guys at reCAPTCHA (now owned by Google), the Creative Commons, and the original creator of this theme WPshoppe. Their wonderful products, thoughtful designs and sharing philosophies have empowered many of my adventures and I appreciate it greatly!



At some point, I may re-enable the contact form that was here, so you can reach me with questions or feedback. I disabled it during a site migration but can be found through the contact form for my main project ElectricBikeReview.com