How to export Photoshop layers into individual images

I’m working on a project that involves lining up different layers kind of like a flip book. Ultimately, the layers need to be exported independently from Photoshop so they can be rendered on the web. You could imagine how tedious it would be to manually save or export each independent layer… but with this simple tip it becomes easy, you can even automatically generate the base name for each new image that is created!

  1. Open your multi-layer .psd image open in Photoshop
  2. Go to File > Scripts > Export Layers to Files…
  3. Choose your save destination, file name prefix, file type (.bmp, .jpg, .pdf, .psd, Targa, Tiff, PNG-8 or PNG-24)
  4. Set the quality level
  5. Click Run!

Now each layer of your .psd will be saved to whatever destination you set and you can easily modify the names further on an individual basis. See image below of the Export Layers to Files tool in Photoshop: