How to change the cover photo on a Google+ photo album

I’m surprised this isn’t more intuitive but alas, updating the cover photo on a Google Plus album takes a couple of steps. The process actually lets you completely organize the album so you can do more than just reposition the cover but it’s all done the same way as follows:

  1. On the left side of your Google+ page click the Photo icon
  2. Click on one of your albums
  3. On the far right there’s a drop down button that says More, click it
  4. Choose the Organize album option
  5. Click and drag any photo you want to be in any new position
  6. Click Done organizing to finalize your changes

The other way to attempt organizing Google+ albums is to upload images in the order you want them to appear in the album, starting with the cover. I used to do it this way until they added the new organize tool and it was lame because you’d have to delete the entire album in order to put that first photo in again for your cover. I’m really glad they updated it but still think they could have an icon or something when viewing the album that says “make cover” or something simple.