How to convert text case, all uppercase or all lowercase

Recently I was working on a project with friends that had to do with transcribing a speech. Somehow the software we were using to transcribe the speach decided to make the text ALL UPPERCASE! Aside from being extremely annoying this was not acceptable for use by our end users. At this point we had a couple of options. Either figure out the settings for the transcription software and re-process the entire audio file hoping the problem would go away or retype the entire transcript manually!

Since both of these options were time and resource consuming I decided to see what kind of other solutions might exist out on the internet. As a person who knows HTML and CSS I realized I could paste the uppercase text into paragraph code and use the text-transform:lower-case; style and then copy from the resulting webpage but that would require creating a new HTML document and FTPing it to my server. This type of custom job (while faster than re-processing the text or typing it all manually) still wasn’t ideal.

Ultimately I found a great website called Convert Case and just like the name says, this website lets you copy and paste in text and then choose from standard UPPER CASE, lower case and more advanced Capital Case and Sentence case. Check the site out experiment with your own text. It’s a uper handy tool for those one off situations.