How to create a bookmark this page link or button in html

Sometimes you want to make it easy for your visitors to bookmark your page or addit to their favorites. Most people know they can do this with the toolbars and menu built right into their browser but it doesn’t hurt to have a link or tool like this to make it even easier.

When people bookmark your site you get the benefit of being remembered and easily found again. I also believe that Google and other search engines keep track of how people access your site and weather they bookmark you… Google does have a web browser after all (Chrome) and you can bet they tap into user behavior and stats there, especially in cases where users opt in.

So, here’s how you create a “bookmark this page” button and link using HTML and basic javascript:

Bookmark button code: <form><input type=”button” name=”Click Here to Bookmark this Page” onClick=”bookmark()” /></form>

Bookmark link code: <a href=”javascript:bookmark()”>Click Here to Bookmark this Page</a>