How to play Miracle Sun by Anthony Green

One of my favorite songs from the album Avalon by Anthony Green is Miracle Sun. This is a perfect song to play on the acoustic guitar with friends or even for young kids, it’s just a chill uplifting lullaby kind of thing. When the Avalon Remix album came out (remixed by Colin Frangicetto) I fell in love with the completely different version of Miracle Sun which had slower pacing and smoother sound, it just fit better for me and inspired me to make my own remixed different acoustic version of the song.

The video tutorial below includes tabs and chords for both the slower remixed version of Miracle Sun that I made up (played first) and then the official acoustic version of Miracle Sun played by Anthony Green. Both songs use standard EADGBE tuning and no capo is required. You can find tons of videos of Anthony on YouTube playing Miracle Sun on both acoustic and electric guitar on his own (since my version is cut short) if you want the full thing. This song only has eight chords which makes it easy to remember but the strumming is more complex so it’s great practice for anyone learning the guitar and singing. If you don’t know how to read guitar tabs check out this tutorial I made and some of the other Circa Survive and Anthony Green tutorials I’ve got here.