How to play Slowing Down (Long Time Coming) by Anthony Green

To play an acoustic version of the song Slowing Down by Anthony Green off of the album Avalon you just need a guitar tuned to regular EADGBE and a little practice. This is one of the easier songs to pick up with steady strumming and lyrics that repeat (though I manage to mess them up a bit in the video below) so it’s otherwise perfect for beginners.

The chords for this song are all power chords and are written out in time with the strumming in the video but if you don’t know how to read guitar tabs go here. This song uses a lot of sliding so that’s what the “s” stands for in the tabs. As for vocals, depending on your range there are several levels to sing at and I bounce around for fun in the video, you can go slow or fast and approximate the Avalon Remix version but that one is played at a different tone so you might want to use a capo to adjust for it.