How to send a package on a Sunday to a PO Box

My weekdays can get pretty busy so I tend to run a lot of errands and try to catch up with personal things on the weekends. Today (Sunday) I was trying to mail a package to my friend and found out that the local UPS store was closed. Next I tried the Fedex Kinko’s office store but they told me that since my package was going to a PO Box they couldn’t do it.

It seems that in order to send a package to a PO Box you need to use the United States Postal Service (USPS) but they are also closed on Sundays. Well, I asked around and found out that Office Depot recently added a mailing service and they are open on Sundays! They also have the ability to mail using UPS or USPS which is perfect for the PO Box issue I described above.

If you’re trying to mail a package on a Sunday keep in mind that it won’t actually go out until Monday morning but at least you can get it prepped and paid for on a Sunday by using the new service at Office Depot as follows:

  1. Go to your local Office Depot and find the services counter
  2. Present your package and ask the attendant to help you send it using USPS (if you’re mailing to a PO Box)
  3. Put your package into a USPS box and send away!

I was very pleased with the service and prices offered by my local Office Depot and their hours are weekdays 8am-9pm; Sat 10am-7pm; and Sun 10am-6pm but that may vary for your local store so check ahead. Remember that for PO Boxes you’ll need to use USPS and have the item repackaged into one of their boxes. My small item only cost $6 to send including the box so it’s fairly reasonable, UPS was going to cost $13 and that didn’t include a box.