How to stop a nosebleed without tissues or Kleenex

Everyone’s had a bloody nose, whether it’s because of dry air or getting bumped in the face, here’s the best way to solve it without using Kleenex or tissue paper. While the latter two solutions may help blood to clot and reduce mess, they can also create more damage internally and actually increase bleeding. To stop a bloody nose without tissues simply apply pressure with your index finger across your upper lip as shown below for one to two minutes. Alternatively, you can pinch the middle bridge of your nose with your pointer finger and thumb.

  • use your index/pointer finger on either hand to apply pressure across the base of your nose (along the top of your upper lip)
  • use your index finger and thumb on either hand to pinch the bridge of your nose right in the middle where the cartilage is (just below where the bone stops)

If you follow these steps for several minutes you will be preventing more blood from flowing out of your nose and thus providing time for the existing blood to clot and patch the break. Read more details and information about nosebleeds and bloody noses as well as further instructions and advice about chronic nosebleeds but always consult a doctor or trained professional if bleeding persists or it is an emergency. Some people have thin blood that does not clot as well and may require additional assistance.