How to switch TV listings and listings by channel Comcast Xfinity

So the other day I was watching TV and searching through the channels with the silver remote that Comcast provides (shown below) and somehow the guide got switched from TV listings to a mode called listings by channel. I was really confused and bummed because I didn’t know how to fix it immediately and I didn’t want to have to read through some manual to get help.

This is how each menu mode works and what you will see:

TV Listings

  • Shows a vertical list of channels on the left and shows per channel listed left to right
  • This is the mode you use to browse if you want to explore different channels
  • This is the standard mode Comcast uses for TV listings

Listings by Channel

  • Shows a vertical list of shows all for the same channel
  • This is not the standard mode but is useful for exploring all episodes of one type if you’re using a DVR for example… It shows all of the episodes of one type

So the fix here and the way that modes get switched to begin with is that you hit the Guide button when you already viewing in guide mode. So let’s say you hit Guide then mistakenly hit Guide again (as I did when I first figured this out). That would switch the view and all you’d have to do to get back is hid Guide again.