How to take a screenshot in Windows BootCamp on a Mac

I’m running Windows XP in BootCamp on my MacBook Pro and occasionally need to use Print Screen to do a screen capture. I can always connect a keyboard to get this function (since it isn’t included on the limited keyboard built into the laptop) but that won’t always work, like if I’m on a trip and don’t have access to peripherals.

In Mac OSX the command for print screen is shift+command+4 but that doesn’t seem to work when you’re booting up in Windows with BootCamp. After trying several keyboard combinations I finally found an easy solution using the onscreen keyboard that comes built in with Windows. It isn’t perfect but it gets the job done in most cases.

  1. go to Start Start > All Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > On-Screen Keyboard (you could also just use the search function to find On-Screen Keyboard)
  2. launch On-Screen keyboard and press the psc button just to the right of F12
  3. now open an image editing program such as Paint at Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint
  4. press control+v to paste the image in or use edit paste

To crop images in Paint you just move the image a little then click in the white space around it, this gives you a cross hair selector that you can use to select an area of the image. Once you have selected the area just copy it with control+c open a new Paint document and paste it in, the size should auto snap to the right dimensions but if not just drag the corners of the canvas to fit. Use file save and select the type of image you want to save it as, I prefer .jpg