How to increase the top speed of a Pedego City Commuter electric bike

The Pedego City Commuter is an electric bike that strikes a balance between performance, durability and affordability. It’s one of the more popular electric bikes out there and it comes in a few flavors. There’s are two versions of the 36 volt (one ten amp hour and one fifteen for increased distance) and a 48 volt version with ten amp hours that is all about power.

Regardless of which City Commuter you might have, they all have an adjustable top speed setting which you can use to tell the motor when to cut out. This will only apply to throttle mode though, electric assist mode always cuts out at 20 miles per hour which is the legal limit in the US for most cities. According to the manual:

“The LCD Meter on your Pedego can be programmed for different tire sizes, max speed, etc. To enter program mode, press the up arrow key and the down arrow key at the same time until the indicator shows “28 in”. This is the size of the tires used on the commuter bikes and should not be changed. If you push the mode button, you will see the max speed setting. The factor setting is 32 kph (20 mph). If you push the up arrow, it will increase to 40 kph (24.85 mph).”

There you have it! Now you can change the way your electric bike performs in terms of speed and either keep yourself from getting out of control by lowering it or raise it up to speed your trips. Do be careful when making adjustments like this and always obey the laws and regulations of your location. If you’re on a farm or countryside however, the raised speed can be convenient and may turn your electric bike into something more akin to a moped.

So the steps are:

  1. Hold the up and down arrow keys until the LCD shows “28 in”
  2. Press the mode button once until you see “max speed”
  3. Press the up or down arrows to adjust