How to password protect a folder or file with Godaddy

Today I was helping a friend update his website and one of the things he needed was a new password for a directory that was protected. At first I couldn’t remember if the login password system was something custom so I called Godaddy to find out. Turns out it’s a built in feature that’s easy to use from the Control Panel > FTP File Manager. In fact, here’s a little article on their site about how to do it.

For everyone else, here are the steps I follow:

  • Login to Godaddy, launch the Control Center
  • In the Hosting Dashboard go to Content > FTP File Manager
  • Navigate to the file or folder you want then check the box next to it
  • An icon at the top called “Permissions” will fill in, click it
  • Click the “Password Protect” tab here, check the box and enter your message, username and password!

This is a great feature to secure sections of your site, check out the screenshots below for more guidance and good luck! On our site we secure links to control panels and other assets that we don’t want to be public. It’s a great way to give clients special privileges or to test out new areas that aren’t quite ready for prime time.