How to unlink Google AdSense from Google Analytics

Recently I’ve been separating out Google Analytics accounts to match the primary email address that I use to administer networks of websites that I own. In short, I no longer use just one Analytics account for all of my websites. This is all well and good but since Google encourages the use of just one AdSense account I’ve had to pick and choose which Analytics account to associate it with.

Through all of the interface updates and program policy changes that have been happening I’ve lost track of just how to link and unlink accounts. After much web searching and help forum reading I have realized that the only way to unlink an AdSense account from an Analytics account is to contact Google directly with your publisher ID and associated email address. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit this URL:
  2. Enter the email address associated with your Google AdSense account
  3. Enter your Google AdSense publisher ID

While I wish this was something I could manually control in AdSense or Analytics, the good news is Google has a very fast turnaround! The first time I submitted a request this way I actually entered my Analytics email address and since that didn’t match my AdSense account I got a rejection notice from Google in under one day! The second time I sent the request (with the correct information) I got a reply within 24 hours and the confirmation that follows:


Subject: Re: [#########] I’d like to unlink my AdSense and Analytics accounts

Body: I’ve successfully unlinked your AdSense and Analytics accounts. If you’dlike to re-link your AdSense account with an Analytics account, please follow the link on the ‘Overview’ page within the ‘Home’ tab of your AdSense account.

Now… If I could only figure out how to link my AdSense account with my new Analytics account! They say to follow the link on the ‘Overview’ page within the ‘Home’ of AdSense but when I follow it I just get sent to Analytics, the accounts remain unlinked.