How to change lenses on Oakley Jawbone sunglasses

I recently purchased a pair of Oakley Jawbone sunglasses with tinted and clear vented lenses for bicycle riding. Before I got them I was curious about how to change the lenses, how easy or hard it might be, and how durable the system would be.

Oakley Jawbones are designed with a full wraparound rim that unlocks at the nose on both sides and then swings down to allow for lens changing and cleaning. The jaw itself is designed to securely hold the lenses without creating any flex or bend which could result in light bending and glare.

  1. to change the lenses in Oakley Jawbones unlock the nose pad
  2. swing down the lower jaw piece that holds the lens in
  3. use one finger to gently spin the lens out towards either side or use the included microfiber case to grip the lens and then rotate it out
  4. repeat these steps on the other lens, gently flex the frame of the sunglasses to help the lens out if they are very tight

  1. to put new lenses into Oakley Jawbone sunglasses unlock the frame and swing the jaw down, then remove the existing lens as described above
  2. with the jaw open, position the sunglasses upside down and then grip the new lens with your fingers along the lower edges or on the front and back using the included microfiber sleeve
  3. align the top of the lens with the slit in the top part of the sunglasses rim then gently fit it in from one side to the other, gently bending the frame outward until the lens is all the way in, you may hear it click once it is fully secure
  4. once the lens is clicked into the top part of the frame, close the jaw gently and then lock the nose piece until it clicks

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