How to cure Lyme disease

Recently I watched the movie Under our Skin which is all about Lyme disease. It reminded me a lot of Inside Job, a movie about corruption on Wall Street. Both movies confront problems made worse by institutions that have become corrupt and misguided.

So let’s get to some solutions shall we? According to the movie Under our Skin, Lyme disease may actually be the cause of such diseases as Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosos. These are all neural diseases that seem to have no cure. The movie shows some doctors denying Lyme and saying it only takes a couple weeks of antibiotics like Doxycycline, Amoxicillin and Cefuroxime axetil which is supported online in many cases. For patients that have really severe Lyme and are experiencing neurological disorders in the movie they use drugs like Ceftriaxone for several years, sometimes even used intravenously meaning taken through a needle or drip system.

It’s heartbreaking to learn about what big problems people are experiencing because of “Lyme”. Apparently ticks (thought to cause most cases of Lyme) are expanding across the US and even across Europe and China. This means that whatever the issue is, more people will be getting it and we need to find a solution. Beyond ticks, Lyme disease has a lot in common with Syphilis and may mutate into a sexually transmitted disease at some point, for now it seems blood to blood is the most common.

As I was exploring for solutions and to learn more about how to cure Lyme I found some interesting herbal remedies along with tests and photos at this site. In a nutshell, they suggest taking several daily doses of pure salt and vitamin C on a daily basis. Here’s a breakdown of the treatment:

  • Take 3 grams of salt along with 3 grams of Vitamin C together with water or a meal every two to three hours or ~4 times per day. Keep in mind, three grams is little less than a teaspoon which can hold 5 grams as shown below.
  • You can get the Vitamin C at GNC or any regular pharmacy, as for the salt just go for the most pure Sodium Chloride you can find, sea salt could work

The website also says don’t worry too much about overdosing but always stay hydrated. Both Vitamin C and salt are water soluble so you’ll just pee out extra. It also says you might get diarrhea and feel yourself sweating out bacteria. It may take several years for this to completely cure you of the bacteria if you have a bad infection because some can lie dormant and there will be waves or cycles of the disease… just keep at it according to the site.

So, I’m no doctor but I wanted to pass on what I found and ask for any input from users. To me this last solution just sounds a lot like drinking gatorade. One thing I noticed about the movie today, most of those afflicted with Lyme were fit and skinny, not those overweight people who may eat a lot of “salty” junk food and sugary snacks filled with Vitamin C. This is all just my own theory here but it makes sense that keeping your immune system high with Vitamin C along with salt (what you gargle with when sick and what you put on pests to kill them) certainly couldn’t hurt! It’s a natural and affordable solution that’s much better than tens or hundreds of thousands in medical bills.


  1. Our theory is that due to the decreased consumption of salt in our daily diets, we have allowed the invasion of parasites into our bodies and those of our pets and livestock. Over the centuries, man has traditionally consumed approximately 20 grams of salt daily. The only time, other than current day, that man’s consumption has drastically decreased was during the Medieval Ages, when the landlords deprived the poor of salt, and the Black Death ravaged the population. Salt is an ancient bactericide, and killer of many of man’s pathogens. For centuries, twenty grams of salt daily was the average intake due to the way meats were cured and foods were preserved. Man certainly lived a more outdoorsman’s lifestyle, yet there was no mysterious illness. Was it the presence of sodium chloride in his body that prevented Lyme from occurring? Lyme was first documented in the 1970’s. It is around the same time we were inundated with the “No Salt Diet” craze. For years Japan had no cases of Lyme disease, and only recently with the new low salt soy sauce have cases been documented. As far as our animals go, cows were always given large blocks of salt licks, which were pure sodium chloride. The old ways protected our livestock from many pathogens that are coming into focus in today’s society. Just recently, these blocks have become mineralized salt licks with minerals, medicines, and vitamins, that manufacturers claim is what our livestock need. They actually need the sodium chloride. This may explain the recent appearance of new illnesses such as Lyme, Mad Cow, and other parasitic illnesses among our livestock. They crave the sodium chloride. It is a natural instinct. Just the same way that a hunter knows that if he puts out a block of salt, the deer will come. Bear reportedly tear the bark off fallen trees to lick salt. There are salt caves in Africa that draw herds of elephants at night, and the mothers break off chucks of salt and fed it to their young. Maybe it is time we take a lesson from the animals. Eat more salt!

  2. Insects, arachnids, and ticks carry many different types of bacteria, viruses, nematodes, and nematomorphs. We have found many strange things, which we have tried to explain. We must say we are not medical professionals. We were just desperate people looking to get better. We have lost all faith in the medical profession. We were tired of having doors closed in our faces. We researched, contemplated, and came up with an idea. Research the late, great Linus Pauling. He took at least 18,000 mg of vitamin C every day. We tried to read everything we could about Lyme disease. Supposedly cows somehow beat Lyme disease. We considered, why cows,why not other animals? Cows love salt. Humans consume less salt today than they ever have. Early Americans consumed approximately 20 grams a day. The consumption has been drastically decreasing with each decade. Could it be that the decrease in salt consumption has allowed these new illness, such as Lyme, Chronic Fatique Syndrome,Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Gulf War Syndrome to flourish. Now just lately, the whole salt scare has reversed and the researchers admit that they were wrong. So go ahead and shake that salt! As far as treatment goes, the results were forthcoming with the taking of 8 grams or more. We have actually increased to as much as 24 grams, but find that no one really wants to take that many pills in one day. Remember it is a one-two punch: the treatment is both salt and vitamin C. After years of suffering, finally life is back to normal. We still do not know if organisms lie dormant in our body; therefore, the treatment continues, simply as maintenance. The extreme pain no longer exists. The knot on the side of the neck is gone. We are at peace. We wish you all good health! Feel free to contact us with your opinions and questions. Though we may not be able to answer each one individually, we will post findings as they come. Hang in there and think positive thoughts.