How to fix blue background on converted PDF documents

Today I found myself up against a little problem, I was converting Microsoft Word documents with Word 2007 to PDF and each time they would come out with a bright blue background. I tried fixing the problem within Adobe Acrobat by adjusting the background color but it didn’t work. I even tried updating my Acrobat software but that didn’t solve it either. Everything looked fine in the .doc version but for some reason when it was done converting into .pdf the background would turn blue just like in the screenshot below.

With a little bit of trial and error I was able to fix the problem and get the PDF documents to have a normal white background just like they did in Word. To fix your files just follow these steps and use the screenshots below for reference.

  1. open the .doc document you want to convert in Word and go to Page Layout > Page Color and choose No Color
  2. export the Word doc into PDF format by going up to the ribbon icon in the top left and then Save As > PDF or XPS
  3. that’s it, the background of your newly converted .pdf file should be white now instead of blue, the issue of blue background is caused by an unset background color in word documents


  1. Cheers, that was a huge help. I was teetering into computer-destruction-mode for a minute there, due to this blue screen fun, but you have saved my computer’s life.

  2. Why did it started blue in the first place!!! Thought it was some indication of a digitally signed document, until I saw this post – you saved my exported CV to PDF from being converted to baby colors

  3. Thanks so much! You made my day :)

  4. Thanks a lot… this option was very much in use to me…

  5. You are a lifesaver! Thank you!!

  6. Very very helpful. This is not the first time I’ve had to bang my head on the desk in frustration over this little problem. I appreciate your help.

  7. Genius! Thank you so much. I was begining to despair..

  8. Thank you so much you life saver :)

    Thanks from Portugal

  9. You are great, this has been very helpful. Thanks from Turkey !